About us

Our Vision – Pointing Us Forward


To heighten Icelandic cultural awareness and unity by building a vibrant community throughout the United States.  

Our Mission – Defining Who We Are


Building a vibrant community of individuals, families, Icelandic clubs, organizations and businesses to bring Icelandic culture and heritage alive throughout the United States.

We believe that:


  • Our members, including individuals, families, Icelandic clubs, organizations and businesses, deserve meaningful programming and initiatives;

  • Diverse interests, including art, music, language, crafts, history, food, literature, all belong in our work;

  • Strong interpersonal connections occur when experiences and knowledge are shared with one another;

  • Resources and funding for local level programs and initiatives are critical.

Our Values –  Guiding our Path

These compass points guide us toward achieving our mission:

●     Integrity – maintaining the highest ethical standards, fiscal responsibility, measurable results, and collegiality.

●     Participation – encouraging volunteerism and philanthropy by welcoming everyone to achieve our mission and vision.

●     Collaboration – recognizing we are stronger when we work together, share knowledge, and celebrate our diverse talents in coordinated projects and events.

●     Continuous Learning – encouraging growth in knowledge and understanding across a wide variety of interests and topics


Icelandic National League of the United States

2843 27th S, Fargo, ND 58103


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